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Тhe water management and the flood protection measures have direct impacts on the riparian ecosystems and their biodiversity. Today the floodplain forests are almost extinct in Bulgaria and the most of river beds are considerably affected by the human activities. Therefore BBF has initiated a project for survey and dissemination of sustainable flood prevention and protection of river ecosystems.

The present website aims to link the topics of river conservation and flood prevention. Here you can find information about the riparian habitat surveys, case studies with good and bad practices for managing the river beds. Our intention is to publish here also the contemporary European approaches and legislative documents for the flood risk management.

Floods again in the end of the winter
The intensive rainfall and snow melting has caused floods in Tundja river basin, as well as in the regions of Stara Zagora, Bourgas and Dobrich.
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Workshop on Osam river basin
The workshop "Conservation of natural habitats and sustainable flood risk management in Osam river basin" held on March 31st in Levski municipality.
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Project "Conservation of natural habitats and sustainable flood risk management in Osam river basin, Bulgaria"
Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation started a new small project with the financial support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Sofia under the Small Nature Management Projects Programme (Matra/KNIP).
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